Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Contest Fantasy: “Act Your Age”

At the Seattle Leather Daddy & Daddy’s Boy Contest over Thanksgiving weekend, Jean Hardy (the new Northwest Leatherboy) and I did a stage fantasy as entertainment for the contest.  (We could use more genuine leather entertainment at leather contests, rather than drag acts or burlesque strippers!)

Rather than doing anything as messy as last year’s Klondike Bar fantasy or as elaborate as the Rocky Horror fantasy from International, we went for something easy and funny and themed for a Daddy/Boy contest:

I entered the stage and sat down to read a newspaper.  The boy came in and started watching cartoons (Warner Bros., Ren & Stimpy’s “Log” song) and eating sugary cereal, throwing bits of it at me.  “Would you please act your age?” I demanded.  Drawing himself up and getting all serious (Lord of the Rings music), the boy let loose: “But Daddy!”, followed by a tirade of queer theory proclamations about age and gender being societal constructs forced on us by the dominant patriarchy… and put me solidly to sleep.  He then (to Road Runner music) handcuffed me to the stool, tied me up, draped toilet paper all over me, and dumped the rest of the cereal on me.  Then he danced away (Ren & Stimpy’s “Happy Happy Joy Joy” song and the Warner Bros. ending music), leaving me to wake up, ask for a handcuff key, and dragged the stool off-stage, still cuffed to it.

I was formerly Seattle Leather Daddy 2004.  Read the Leatherati coverage of the contest here.

Photo courtesy of Leland Carina.

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